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"Bugles, Boots N' Saddles"  - Alternate Firing System 2005

Weapon Type        Max. Range        Fire Points

Springfield Carbine       36"                       2        
Repeating Rifle            24"                       3
Musket                       18"                       2
Revolver/Pistol             6"                         2
Bow - Direct Fire         8"                          2
Bow - Indirect Fire      18"                         1
Thrown Spear              6"                         1
Gatling Gun - Short     18"                        9
Gatling Gun - Long      36"                        6
Field Gun - Short         24"                       12
Field Gun - Long         48"                        9

To Fire:  Tally all the Fire Points, by weapons type, in the firing unit.  Point out the in-range target and roll one D10 with this result:

    1, 2 or 3 = 10% of the total firing points as hits.
    4, 5 or 6 = 20% of the total firing points as hits.
    7 - 10 = No effect. (mis-fires, malfunctions, misses, etc.)

Calculate fractions by the decimal point (.1 - .5 round down., 6. - .9 round up).  These hit calculations are based on GOOD targets , i.e. In the Open, In close order, March Columns, Knots or masses). BAD targets , i.e. In Open order, Prone, In cover, In gullies, ravines or structures, and Behind walls, fortifications, etc. Firing at Bad Targets incurs one-half hits (round fractions up) on the target.

Players nust be familiar with all the weapons their figures carry.  If multi-armed, a figures can only discharge one weapon per fire phase.

Charging units only count one-half their fire points to calculate hits.

A 1 or 2 on a D10 prior to firing jams a Gatling gun - no fire that phase.

When a unit's fire points get so low as to be ineffective, said unit is removed from play as "out of ammo" and "demoralized".

Dismounted figures that did not move, add 10% to their calculated hits.

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